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Meushi Spanked (READ DESCRIPTION!) :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 3 3
Spanked :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 2 42
Naughty Janet
Michael was looking after Janet.
She came in, wearing jeans and a tshirt.
Michael smiled at her, patting his lap.
Janet smiled and went over, climbing over his lap, her butt was quite plump.
Michael smirked and smacked her left cheek, making it wobble.
Janet giggled and wiggled her bubble butt, playfully kicking happily.
Michael altenated cheeks "Naughty girl!" He playfully scolded.
"I sure am!" She giggled, wiggling her giant butt for him.
He bared her butt, smacking harder.
She giggled louder the harder he spanked.
Michael stopped when her butt was glowing red and hugged her.
She hugged back, smiling at her brother.
He smiled back, rubbing her big butt.
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She Loves It :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 3 14
Cidney Having Ice Cream :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 1 4
Daisy Spanks Minnie
Minnie smiled as she sat next to Daisy.
"Are you ready for your spanking?" Daisy asked.
Minnie happily nodded, going over her lap.
Daisy spanked her over pink and white polka dot dress.
Minnie giggled as her dress clad butt wobbled with each smack.
"Naughty little mouse!" She playfully scolded.
"I'm sorry!" Minnie playfully whined, enjoying her spanking.
"You will be!" She smirked, raising her dress.
She smiled and wiggled her panty clad butt.
Daisy smiled kept spanking.
Minnie relaxed and sighed.
Daisy soon bared her butt.
Minnie grinned and wiggled her big fat butt.
Daisy spanked her for 5 minutes, making her butt glowing red.
Minnie sat up and hugged her.
She hugged back.
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Michael Jackson Olodum tshirt :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 2 0 Jauqe Spanking Mizu :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 2 12 They Don't Care About Us (Single Cover) :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 0 0 Forum header :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 0 0 Untitled :iconconkerfan420:Conkerfan420 0 0


What i just realized.. :icon123therealluigi:123therealluigi 18 100 Adult operative Numbuh 1972 :icondanileenatsumi:DanileeNatsumi 154 97
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Berri The Chipmunk TG :iconslycooperfanboy:SlyCooperFanBoy 109 11
Berri :iconorgunis:Orgunis 26 16 question #68 spanked by conker? :iconyoshiyoshi700:yoshiyoshi700 9 1
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Conker hypnosis and tickle rp :iconsuperspyrothedragon9:SuperSpyroTheDragon9 1 26
Persuasive Berri :iconralftheralfman:RalfTheRalfMan 154 95
Tickle Conker The Squirrel RP (REUPLOAD)
P (Alphabets) by EhsartemL Alphabets (Words) by EhsartemA (Alphabets) by EhsartemY (Alphabets) by Ehsartem

Who else would like to tickle this little cutie? I know I would! Here are the rules:
1. You may tickle him as a character in CBFD/CL&R, an OC, or as yourself
2. No stripping! You may remove his jacket, shoes, and socks, but nothing more!
3. No tickling of the private areas!
4. No sex, because... EWW! Sex is OUT of the question!
5. No vore!
6. I prefer to RP in notes, but we can do it in the comments.
7. If I do not like/feel comfortable about the scenario, please understand.
8. Most of all, have fun!
:iconmusicalvideogamenerd:MusicalVideoGameNerd 2 48
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Berri's Paw Photoshoot :iconpawsnfurs:PawsNFurs 170 34
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Anna's Obsession - Part 1 :icongentranum:Gentranum 73 7
Panty and Stocking Wedgies :iconthedeadpool99:TheDeadpool99 26 25 What's wrong? :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 10 1
What is wrong with society?
We're taught from day one not to bully others.
Yet people will still do it.
We're told to ignore bullies and they'll go away.
Yet they never do.
We're told to be nice to everyone.
Yet people don't say thank you when you do something kind.
We're told when we're being bullied to tell a teacher.
Yet they claim they'll help then they do nothing.
We're told to be ourselves.
Yet people constantly try to change us.
Females are told to be happy with what they like and what they do.
Yet they are told to be the same girly, dress wearing female as 'Everyone else'.
Male are told to be happy with what they like and what they do.
Yet they are told to be the same rude, childish male as 'Everyone else'.
Introverts are told that liking being alone is okay.
Yet they are treated as creeps.
We're told to speak up for what we think is right.
Yet we're made to think that in school that speaking up is wrong.
We're told we have opinions.
Yet people say that we can't have opinions.
We're told to stick up for o
:iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 6 4
Lying and Graffiti 2 :iconzeldathehedghog:zeldathehedghog 12 6
Mature content
Troubling Vocaloids :iconcloud-dream:Cloud-Dream 37 7



I'm sorry, diaperedboy. I really am. Please unblock me.
I'm sorry, diaperedboy. I really am. Please unblock me.


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