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I will NOT unblock you. You are a racist and antisemitic person! I CAN'T allow you here. Besides, I'm WHITE! I'm also an AGNOSTIC! So don't call me "Nigger" or "Jew". Okay? Stay the fuck out of my profile! You are not wanted here!
If you honest to God believe that jews run the USA and its banks, do you think the best course of action would be to say hateful things, use antisemitic depictions of them, etc.? If so, how is that ever a good idea?!
Radiocollector, the same person who tried to get me banned, has been banned themselves.
If so: comment below.
Amy gets spanked.

By anyone
For any reason
At anytime
Wearing anything
At any age.
I want to do an RP about Zelda getting spanked.
Anyone wanna do a Conker RP?
I'm sorry, diaperedboy. I really am. Please unblock me.
There are idiots accusing me of being a child molester. I won't name names nor provide links for THEIR safety. If anyone accusing you, me, or a loved one of a crime. Report or block them.
:avatarOldiesFansucks: is getting out of control. Please help me get rid of him.
As long as your relationship breaks no laws, I'm fine with it.
I don't know why it's called "Transphobia" you're not afraid, you're just an asshole.